My bucket list is very random, but exciting to a shy girl such as myself.  I’ve never been one who believes that it is impossible to accomplish any goal in your life alone.  “Never give up until you run out of options,” is my motto.   I did not give up on losing weight simply because I couldn’t find a walking buddy or because my parents and friends eat different things.  I found ways to get around it and did my own thing.  If I would have waited for my friends and family to get on board with me, I would probably weigh twice as much as I did in high school or never lived in Charleston, Oaxaca, or even move just a few hours away from my hometown.   I would not be the person that I am today if I did not take those chances and test every option available to me.  Now I’m addicted to change and growth.  I want more of it, I have to have it.  I just have to be me and this chick is on to something brilliant.  Something this chick likes to call “Living Life.”

So what’s inside of my bucket?  There are some silly goals, some small goals, some heartbreaking ones, outrageous ones, classics, and WTFs.  I like to keep life interesting.   Why not?

(In no particular order!)

  1. Get a full-time job with a non-profit (2012)
  2. Make chocolate croissants from scratch.
  3. Reach 155 pounds  (Sat, Sept. 22, the healthy way. (2012)
  4. Run a 5K without taking walking breaks. (2012)
  5. Open a small bakery.
  6. Complete Insanity program (60-Days).
  7. Make French Macaroons.
  8. Run a 10K, walking allowed.
  9. Run a 10K, no walking.
  10. Learn how to swim, not float.
  11. Make an apple pie from scratch.  Grandma style!
  12. Complete all tasks to re-earn all Girl Scout badges (I was a Brownie for 3 years!)
  13. Face my fear of the ocean
  14. Go cliff diving, Bella-style to all of you Twilight fans.
  15. Learn how to juggle with kiwi fruit.
  16. Teach in another country for a year
  17. Dance the Tango in the streets somewhere in Spain
  18. Visit Japan
  19. Learn how to do a cart-wheel.
  20. Do a cart-wheel along a beach in Montevideo
  21. Vacation on an island
  22. Go zip lining in Costa Rica
  23. Go Skydiving
  24. Learn how to tie a tie.
  25. Kiss under a waterfall.
  26. Take a trapeze class in California
  27. Sing in a jazz band
  28. Learn a song in Spanish and know what it means
  29. Learn a song in Italian and know what it means
  30. Learn a song in French and know what it means
  31. Learn a song in German and know what it means
  32. Learn a song in Portuguese and know what it means
  33. Learn a song in Chinese and know what it means
  34. Grow fruits and vegetables Summer 2014
  35. Belly dance for my friends for my 30th birthday (maybe next year 😦 )
  36. Learn how to dance Salsa
  37. Wear bathing suit on beach for 1 hour without cover up
  38. Dance salsa in a Miami club
  39. Walk nude along a nude beach in France
  40. Learn how to pole dance (This is not a new career move, just for fun, promise!)
  41. Learn Spanish fluently (almost there)
  42. Learn Mandarin fluently (not nearly there)
  43. Speak intermediate Portuguese
  44. Order a cup of coffee and pastry in Italian
  45. Write a book
  46. Publish an article in a magazine
  47. Play a sport
  48. Model for a figure drawing class
  49. Take tasteful, professional, nude photos (A celebration of my new body)
  50. Wear bikini to the beach
  51. Become a Fitness Model
  52. Pay off credit cards by December 2014
  53. Drink 2 liters of water each day for 7 days
  54. Start up another volunteer organization teaching communities how to live healthy
  55. Get second masters Nutrition Science
  56. Become a Registered Dietitian
  57. Get TESL certification
  58. Practice yoga in India
  59. Learn how to play guitar
  60. Learn how to play piano
  61. Take 10 Zumba classes or more
  62. Teach a Zumba class
  63. Throw appreciation bash for my mom
  64. Take my niece on an amazing trip
  65. Buy another car
  66. Buy lunch for a stranger
  67. Submit artwork for the Tiny Art Show
  68. Get fit by 30something
  69. Lose enough weight to keep my stomach from slapping my thighs (funny, but true!!!)
  70. Compete in salsa competition
  71. Learn how to surf
  72. Do a cart-wheel
  73. Do a back flip
  74. Participate in sweat lodge ritual
  75. Go cave tubing in South America
  76. Read 50 books by the end of 2014
  77. Take a kickboxing class
  78. Go on mother-daughter road trip
  79. Go on father-daughter road trip
  80. Meet all of my siblings
  81. Volunteer in all 50 states
  82. Start handmade gift box business
  83. Sell one gift box. Lol
  84. Ride a horse
  85. Publish 50 blogs
  86. Publish 100 blogs
  87. Reach 100 views for yourtruthdiet
  88. Reach 200 views for yourtruthdiet
  89. Reach 50 followers
  90. Reach 100 followers
  91. Reach 1000 views
  92. Send message in a bottle and get reply
  93. Send message with a balloon and get reply
  94. Break at least one Guinness Book record
  95. Build a treehouse that is L.E.E.D. certified
  96. Go on yoga retreat
  97. Join a book club
  98. Start YouTube Health Channel
  99. Take Bikram yoga class without dying (This may substitute for sweat lodge given the experience.)
  100. Display my artwork in a gallery
  101. Go on cruise with girlfriends
  102. Attend a concert overseas
  103. Drive a scooter in another country
  104. Drink coffee in Seattle
  105. Go vegetarian for 30 days
  106. Give up desserts for 30 days
  107. Go on road trip with my girlfriends from East Coast to West Coast
  108. Learn all American presidents in the correct order (Sad, I should probably already know this!)
  109. Learn how to knit a hat in honor of my late aunt
  110. Wear Carnival costume
  111. Learn how to make a mouth blown glass anything in Italy
  112. Take a cooking class in Italy
  113. Take a cooking class in China
  114. Ride a unicycle
  115. Dance at Carnival in Brazil
  116. Learn how to roller blade
  117. Run 15 minutes outside without stopping (April 4, 2012)
  118. Run 5K in less than 40 minutes (35.41 MINUTES…6/30/2012)
  119. Visit my family in Oaxaca, Mexico
  120. Attend Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico
  121. Finish leg tattoo collage
  122. Get back tattoo
  123. Learn of my family genealogy
  124. Make high heels for my niece
  125. Make a summer dress and wear it
  126. ATTEND a blog conference (I pay)
  127. GET INVITED to attend a blog conference (THEY pay)
  128. Push a car more than 15 yards by myself.
  129. Become a Tough Mudder
  130. Do 5 or more boy push ups and 20 or more crunches everyday until my 29th birthday in May (2012).
  131. Teach a cooking class and get paid for it.

……With more to come!


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