Red meat!  Pork!  Fatty chicken thighs!  You’re outta here, buddies!  At least for a while.  Hot-for-Halloween is just around the corner and I’m getting rid of the flab in exchange for sexy abs!  Yeah, me!

Dairy?  Yeah, you’re on your way out the door too….well, after I finish off the tub of Noosa that’s been sitting in the fridge for a few days now, starring back at me every time I opened the door.  But if I’m no longer eating all of the fatty, good stuff, what’s left to enjoy?


Vegan, dairy free, sugary, delicious troublemakers.  And guess what?  There’s Birthday Cake and Reese flavored ones on the market now.  Double trouble.  But I can eat them whenever I want because they’re dairy-free, right?



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