Hey, what happened to you? (Part I)

wisWhere did you go?  What happened to that ambitious, granola eating diva, self-sufficient, tattooed-hottie-with-the-kick ass-bucketlist?

If you’ve ever had to stop and ask yourself these very questions (sans the tattooed-little-hottie-with-the-kick ass-bucketlist part, unless it applies to you), then you may know exactly where I’m coming from and sometimes you have to stop and take a step back from the wreck of a life you’re gradually creating for yourself or the mounting piles of ‘maybe next year’ excuses.

Perhaps depression or anxiety has stolen your mojo.  Or maybe somebody told you that you weren’t good enough to want or have all of those things you’ve been dreaming of your entire life.  Whatever it is that’s holding you back, that made you give up on everything, that took away your spark, fight like hell to get it back!  Your inner wild child misses you.

Healthy Journey


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