Hard Work + More Hard Work = BikiniWorld

Rio Carnival_1

I don’t know at what point I convinced myself that losing weight is suppose to be easy. 1-2-3.  POOF! Thirty pounds gone with the snap of my fingers. This is the same mentality that has done quite the opposite and led to a 25-30 weight gain (“happy love pounds”) over the past year and half and after attempting to run my first mile today in about a month or so, I know I’ve been lounging way too long. Losing weight and getting healthy is hard, takes time, and isn’t something you just wing. The hardest hurdle to overcome is what goes on inside of our minds, not necessarily that long three mile walk through a hilly course or eating that bowl of boring steamed veggies.  The walk is doable.  No problem.  Eating veggies?  A piece of cake (yes, please!).  But getting rid of the negative thoughts and doubt in my mind, that’s where the real challenge lies. But as always.  I’m moving forward and not giving up. I will fit into that Carnival-bit-too-teeny bikini someday.!   Healthy Journey


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