“Three Fat, What?”

Honestly, I’m so ticked off right now that I have no idea where to start.  I came across a story today about three women who went out to eat, but left the restaurant completely insulted.  Check out the first link to find out why!


The Original Story

Could you imagine going to your favorite restaurant and reading “Fat People” or “Stupid Blonde” or “Ghetto Black Girl” displayed on the top of your receipt?  No, those statements aren’t referring to the latest reality shows. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s your server talking about YOU.  Now, I think the server in this case is all kinds of wrong and definitely doesn’t care about his job or the company he works for, but what really had my blood boiling was one of the YouTube video responses I came across.  Now, check out the following link and the viewer responses.

TNNReboot Response to the Story

Wow! Now I realize that people are entitled to their own opinion and I respect that, but I think you have to have some self-control.  Just a little bit of heart.  It’s very scary considering how much support TNNReboot and other supporters with similar opinions have gotten in regards to this topic.  It’s as if these people are ANGRY and OUTRAGED at people who are obese and don’t seem to question why these people are that way.  HOW DARE YOU EAT THAT HAMBURGER!!!!!!  It’s like forget the fact that someone has an eating disorder, medical condition, or wants to lose weight, but is struggling just like many of us.  These comments are frightening in that people feel they can not only say how they feel about another person’s weight issue, but they also have the right to be “abusive.”  Kids are bullied and physically hurt on a daily basis over their weight and they learn from what they see and hear from sources like this and whatever else is out there.  What’s got these people so angry about someone else’s life that they have to be complete jerks?  If only losing weight was that easy, right?  Besides, it’s not as if thinner people are superior to those who are not.  Let’s love one another, People!

Again, I think this guy is entitled to his opinion and I’m not rioting to take him off the tube, but I think he crosses the line by referring to them as “Fat B@*&ches” and “whores.”  That’s just a bit much and beyond the scope of the original story.  I imagine this guy saying these things to their faces and feeling okay about that.  In a sense, if they were to view this video, it would be the same.  How awful would that be to not only get insulted by your server, but to also be called a fat B to your face simply because you ordered two cokes, a sprite, and three entrees?  It’s as if these women are being attacked and that to me is straight up bullying.  There is a lack of respect and sensitivity to the fact that one of the ladies has been deeply hurt by the incident and started to cry during the interview.  It’s possible that this could be a breaking point for her and maybe she will decide to lose weight because of this situation, but she’ll never forget that pain.  My hope is that she will come out of this stronger and healthier.  I hope that for all of them.  But that still won’t change the fact that some people are just complete insensitive jerks and will find someone else to pick on.

This guy continues to say in the rolling credits that we “shouldn’t feel bad for fat people” and that “these fat people were out of line…PERIOD.”  Maybe these comments are purely for ratings, but how desperate is that?  Seriously, chill out!

Healthy Journey!


5 thoughts on ““Three Fat, What?”

  1. I saw a bartender cash me out once and on the screen it said skinny red. I had on a red top that night. I wasn’t offended but would have preferred the bartender ask me my name or look at my card to get it. I feel that the “fat” comment is very out of line. I think people have gotten so far removed from building relationships and all that waiter had to do was ask for a name. It is proven fact that when you use someones name, they feel important…what better way to get a tip?

    • Thanks for your feedback. You’re right, so many people are far removed from building relationships and I respect the fact that people have opinions, but there just seems to be so much hate and anger and that’s scary. I don’t know if I would have sued in this case, but I’m glad these ladies are standing up for themselves.

      • I mean it is fact that they are overweight but it takes it to a personal level when you aren’t 1) a doctor who has to use the fact 2) a family member or friend that has been given the okay to use it 3) when you blatantly say “fat.” I just think it’s kinda rude.

  2. People seem to think that they can shame others into behaving how they want them to behave but shame does the opposite. If these girls are shamed into thinking that they are fat, lazy, disgusting, worthless human beings what kind of behavior do you think that will lead to? It leads to them feeling like there’s no point in trying because that’s just who they are and they will never be good enough. And that’s just not true. I’m sure they are wonderful girls who excel in many areas of life and struggle in others just like all the rest of us -one of their struggles just happens to be appearance based so its on display for everyone to see and judge. It would be a lot easier for them to strengthen their weaknesses with a bit of love and understanding from others.

    • I totally agree with you. I think many of the comments made about these women is just another form of bullying or trolling. It’s just an opportunity for people to take their frustration out on someone else who they know will never fight them back personally. Personally, I would like to see these women do something about their health, but calling them fat does not solve the problem and in this situation, it’s not really the main issue. I think the issue here is the fact that the waiter was rude and they were not treated with respect. It just makes me wonder what kind of attention they would get if they lost weight. Would those same people who criticized them before treat them better? Probably not. They’d find something else to pick apart. It’s sad that we live in that kind of world.

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