Thumbs Up!


I’m baaaaaaack!  This morning I headed off to one of my favorite running trails in the Triangle for a quick run/walk combo after several days of taking it easy.  My intention was to run at least one mile without stopping, but I just couldn’t stop there.  I ran 1.25 miles instead.  Then I decided to run a little more, walk a little, run some more, and then finish with a bang.  Along the way, an older gentleman gave me a thumbs up and I’m sure it was his thumb and not the other finger.  I have to admit that was an amazing feeling.  A complete stranger was cheering me on.  That little gesture pushed me to the end of the trail with a little more speed under my ‘wings,’ a little pep in my step, and with a huge goofy smile on my face. Thanks, Mr. Thumbs Up Man! You’re, awesome!

Now let’s see if that’s enough motivation to get me through another Insanity workout today. Oh, boy!

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