A Start-up Plan for Healthy Weight-loss, Healthy Journey!!!

I needed this review! Maybe this could help you also!


I realize that I speak more about staying positive and less about weight loss.  I guess it’s because I strongly believe in staying positive and finding balance in every part of your life is necessary in staying healthy.  We can become easily distracted and discouraged when life throws a monkey wrench in our plans (my dad’s favorite saying), but now, I just want to talk about setting realistic goals.

When you’re starting out on your weight loss/healthy journey, it may be tempting to jump into things quickly because you want fast results, but sometimes that may come back to bite you on the bootay!  You didn’t gain weight overnight, and guess what?  You’re not going to lose it overnight, however, focus on enjoying the process.  Celebrate the small changes that you will make and big pay offs are sure to come.  Stay focused and DO NOT GIVE UP.  So what…

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