Cheating on Your “Lifestyle” Change?


I came across a comment earlier today while checking out a few Youtube videos.  One comment in particular jumped out at me and made me wonder: “Is it possible to ‘cheat’ on a lifestyle change?”

What exactly does that mean?  For me, making lifestyle changes isn’t a journey to perfection, but a journey of understanding and gradually improving.  It encompasses your failures and your success.  It’s trial and error and trying to figure out what works for YOU.  You cheat on diets because you deviated from a PLAN, but when it comes to lifestyle changes, we should be LIVING and not beating ourselves up for simply being human.  Our perceptions of who we are and the world we live in changes as we get older and go through various experiences.  Sometimes we forget that life isn’t just about calories and right or wrong or good or bad.  I have found that it is when I learn to accept, forgive, and to let go of my mistakes and understand that life isn’t a straight path, that is when I excel.  I have many plans and have written them down for the world to see, but what I’ve learned about life in all of my 30 years of living thus far is that if you’re making plans on how to live life and how to avoid mistakes throughout the process, then you’ve already made a mistake.  Perfection is an illusion.  Pushing beyond self-deprecation is a journey!

Healthy Journey!


2 thoughts on “Cheating on Your “Lifestyle” Change?

  1. Good post, loved it! I finally am starting to realize who I am. After all the years of trying to fit in and please people. I have realized what makes me happy and that there is more to life ever since I made a healthier change in my life. I’ve never felt happier with my life!

    • That’s awesome!!! Isn’t it crazy how your mind changes once you start feeding our body healthy things? I’m a happier person and less grumpy when I eat less sugar although I tend to think that I will be happy if I eat sweet things in the first place. I guess we’re conditioned to get excited about ice cream and birthday cake, which isn’t too too bad if you just eat a little. I’m still working on my moderation skills. Lol.

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