‘Slow Ride, Take It Easy’

Do not give up on your journey! You’re almost there!



Let’s take a road trip.  You know, there’s something about choosing a new place to explore.  Going into the unknown.  Hey, you can even invite a few friends to come along or go solo, see new things, meet new people, and discover just how awesome of a driver you really are.  All you need is a destination, a plan, a map…..oh, wait, (we live in the 21st century) let’s make that a GPS, some dough, and an open-mind, right?  It’s a journey, but know this.  No matter how prepared you think you are, some things are not always within your control.  Poop happens!  Sometimes you run out of gas, you get a flat tire, you could lose cell phone reception, you could put the wrong address in the GPS, or miss a few turns.  My personal traveling experiences have taught me that I run out of patience and can sometimes…

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