Why Not Now?

giving up

“When are you going to get tired of destroying yourself?  Are you ready to accept YOUR greatness?”  

If you’re like me, you often have these mental chats when you find yourself slipping back into old habits that keep you from accomplishing your goals.  You’re actually aware that you’re doing some awesome stuff, but there is still great comfort in falling behind or letting yourself go.  It takes so much effort and strength to push yourself to the next level of greatness.  Is this “greatness” thing really worth the blood, sweat, and tears?  Ummmmm, yeah!  Lets make that a “HELL YEAH!”  So often we downplay our capabilities and think that we don’t have what it takes to break the mold, but so many people do it everyday.  Perfection is not the goal.  I have role models and people who inspire me, but all of the hard work that they put into making THEIR dreams come true won’t get ME the results I want for myself.  I’ve got to do the work too and maybe even more.  We’ve got to keep pushing through the BS and self-pity moments even when it hurts like hell and the voices in our heads tell us we’re not good enough because those moments are only temporary.  Is there a time limit to achieve our greatness?  No, but that doesn’t mean we should just sit on our asses and wait for a sign or someone else’s approval. Why not start now?  Why not stumble today, fall tomorrow, and then get right back up and try again?  How are we going to know if we don’t try?  Don’t ever give up!  Or I will kick you 😀

Healthy Journey!


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