So…….What’s Next?


What else is there to do after you’ve completed Insanity other than doing it again?  I have one more full week before I begin Round 2 of Insanity and I have to tell you, I’ve kind of been lazy the past few days.  Yeah, I’m active, but not nearly as much as I should.  This is a crucial issue to bring up because I think many of us fall victim to this trend.  The trend of not knowing how to maintain the results we gain after we come off of a fitness program or even timed diet plan.  Today I got my booty out of the house and headed to the woods.  There is an awesome running trail near my home and I wanted to test out my Insanity cardio strength and new sports bra. Did Insanity improve my cardio power?  I think so.  I was definitely less breathy while running and although it was rather humid, I managed to get in about 5 miles of walking and running up-hill and down-hill.  But what about strength, huh?  Well, there’s always Pinterest.



2 thoughts on “So…….What’s Next?

  1. I am so proud of you for doing Insanity! It is always hard to maintain but remember that you own the set and can pop it in and push play anytime! He is coming out with a new program very soon called T25 and I will be doing that once I have the baby and get the “ok” from the doctor. Maybe I can get a group of us to do it together!

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