I’m Officially INSANE!!!!


Folks, it’s done.  I completed the Insanity program and OMG was it tough.  For 60-plus days I stood in front of my television sweating like a hooker in church.  I can honestly say that Shaun T may be the second guy who could make me sweat that hard.  Enough said!

Now, what did I learn in 60 Days?

  1. Girls with big boobies should double strap the girls down well.
  2. Although you may go into this program thinking you’re going to lose weight right away, think again.  The results vary.
  3. Shaun T cannot count, but we love you anyway.
  4. Nutrition is key when it comes to getting the results you want.
  5. There is nothing wrong with modifying the moves.  Just start slow, go at your own pace, and then DIG DEEPER when you’re ready to step it up.
  6. Stay hydrated, stay hydrated, stay hydrated.
  7. Sometimes Shaun T forgets that there is a difference between squats and lunges, but we love him anyway.
  8. I’m stronger than I thought.  I did what I could do and then did it better.
  9. Breathing is very important.
  10. Watching other people on YouTube perform the exercises motivated me.
  11. Video taping myself doing the workouts gave me confidence.

So what about the results?  I definitely feel stronger and see improvement in my upper body.  My arms are toner and my legs are too, but I know I can do better.  I’m taking a two week break before doing the program again, but this time I’m going to focus on nutrition in order to get the results I want.  At the end of Round 2 I will post progress photos and videos, but for now here’s just a sneak peak.

ROUND 1: Day 1


ROUND 1: Day 60 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! and Sexy Day Challenge, check out all of that color!!!)



Healthy Journey!


4 thoughts on “I’m Officially INSANE!!!!

  1. Nice work! I started many times but never did the full 60 days, you should be proud! And you’re right, no shame in adjusting, those workouts are designed for super humans I think 😉
    You look great, love your birthday dress

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