Busted Knee, Bruised Ego?


After completing my Max Recovery workout yesterday, my right knee started to throb and oh, boy, how it throbbed.  You see, I’ve got what you call “the ritis” aka arthritis in my right knee and let me tell you, age has nothing to do with it.  Today I was debating on whether or not I would do Max Cardio Conditioning and trust me when I tell you, I tried to think of every reason not to.

“My knee might break.

My workout shorts are too tight to run in.

Maybe I deserve another break?

I’m too stressed out from doing absolutely nothing today.  That’s an awesome excuse to not workout, right?

I should wait another hour.  Make that two………………..no three.”

Then I remembered coming across a story about a woman who completed Insanity and lost 17 pounds while confined to a wheelchair.  Now if she could do it, I know I could stop being lazy for a hour.  So I did.  I modified a few moves, but I kept going and listened to my body.  Even though my workout was slower and less intense today, I still managed to break a sweat.

This amazing chica here is my inspiration and the reason I got my priorities straight today.  Check out her story.




Healthy Journey!


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