Insanity Week 7: Whoah, Momma!


Folks, I have two more weeks of this awesome craziness and then I can officially say that Shaun T. and I are going on vacation, but not for too long.  There could possibly be another round of Insanity in the near future.  My initial goal when starting Insanity was to lose weight and a lot of it, but my body had other plans.  I wanted to give up so many times because I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted to see, but what I had to understand was that this is all new to my body and she needed a moment to freak out.  Eventually I started to lose inches and not much weight, but I also have become stronger in so many ways.  Yesterday I doubled up on workouts to catch up on a day that I missed and one thing that yesterday’s fiasco taught me was to never miss another workout.  I’m not in pain, but I am feeling the sweet burn.


My major problem and what’s holding back progress is my food intake.  Yesterday was about eating clean and fueling my body every few hours.  I felt great and got a lot accomplished, but I’m worried that I’m not eating enough.  I’m more scared to eat less because I know I need more food to give me energy and my appetite has kicked into high gear.  It’s hard to find the balance between fitness and proper nutrition, but I’m doing my research, writing out a plan, and seeing what happens.

According to the Harris Benedict Equation that calculates how many calories the body needs, I should eat:

1625.8 calories to maintain current weight (without exercise)

2763.8 calories to maintain current weight (since doing Insanity)

2263.8 calories to lose weight (while doing Insanity)

Lets see, that breaks down to about (4) 500 calorie meals and (1) 200-260 calorie snack if I stick to five meals a day.  Seems doable. I guess I’m making a big deal out of the large number of calories I should be eating.  After many years of training myself to focus on low-calorie meals, this is a huge adjustment, but one worth exploring.  Besides, I’ve definitely eaten more calories than this to reach my previous weight of 253 pounds except I was putting on the weight by eating tons of cookies and other junk.  This time, most of my calories will come from nutritionally dense foods such as avocado, nuts, and whole grains.  You know, I got a good feeling about this!


Last night I had a dream about a headless chick (I’m sure she had a head, but the emphasis was elsewhere) with awesome abs.  You know, I think that chick was me!

Question for You: What’s that one thing that you struggle with when it comes to fitness and/or nutrition?  How do you overcome it?

Healthy Insane Journey!


8 thoughts on “Insanity Week 7: Whoah, Momma!

  1. My biggest by far is eating. Actually it is eating when I am home. When I am at work, I can only eat what I brought from home – salad, eggs, veges, tuna, and greek yogurt with frozen fruit. When I am at home and if I am stuck in the house, I am constantly looking for something to eat. It usually is some yummy kids’ treat but, they are so good…hehe. If I stay busy, I can control it.

    • That’s true for me too. I’m trying to start a business from home (a baking business of all things) and it’s tough. I am proud to say that I haven’t binged on the goodies in a long time. Hurray!

  2. I’m jealous of your insanity! I bought the DVD and started doing it in March but my arches went nuts and it really effected my running so I stopped. Then I tore my ACL so I just use the box with the dvds to prop up my mirror, putting it to good work obviously… Losing inches is a million times better than pounds!! I have been relatively consistent (within 10 lbs) for the last few years but I can move a lot more weight now and do real push ups. I feel like a total bad ass. I would like to lose 10 lbs and make that my stable weight BUT that is a long term goal.

    When it comes to food and exercise… I would say that left to my own devices I would eat amazing. What gets me is dates with my bf, him having random food cravings and cooking something unhealthy, people bringing candy / cake to the office, my best friend also LOVES baking and will show up at my house with cupcakes on occasion, and also girls nights. Either A) I don’t eat enough and get too drunk or B) Eat my face off… I need a happy middle : )

    • OMG, my bf and I are the same. I gained almost 15 pounds after we started dating just from eating out and trying to keep up with him the food department. We both ate really well and worked out a lot before meeting, but I guess we became too comfortable. I’m slowly trying take off the weight I gained and changing my eating habits, but it’s hard with all of this temptation. I’m also a baker, which makes the journey even tougher. Oh, well. I’m doing my best…….healthy journey!

  3. 18 yrs of lifting and its still a science. Every few months I do an approx of how many cals I did that day, but honestly I just know how much my body needs each day without figuring it out.

    One workout, 2 workouts…meals change
    Sore, not sore…meals change

    So I suggest you find that one piece of clothing and try it on once every few weeks. If its looser than great, if its tighter than…meals change 🙂

    And if its is, don’t beat yourself up over it…meals change for the next one. Keep up the dedication!

  4. call me lazy (and terrible, yeah, being terrible sounds much more rogue than i am!) but being a “lifetime runner” — perhaps it ‘s rationalization but i feel like i can eat whatever, whenever. long as i run … regularly.

    • I guess it varies depending on your goals, but I don’t drop weight nearly as quickly as I did in my early twenties. Women in general have a hard time with this. You’re one of the lucky ones….lol

    • I guess it varies depending on your goals, but I don’t drop weight nearly as quickly as I did in my early twenties. Women in general have a hard time with this. You’re one of the lucky ones….lol

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