Insanity Week 5 and Cupcakes!


Hello, Folks!  It’s been a while, but I’m still alive and kicking.  This is my 6th week of Insanity and there have been a few bumps in the road, but I’m proud to say that I officially crossed over into Phase II of the program and it hasn’t killed me yet.  Today I completed my third Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit.  Shaun T is unstoppable and full of incredible energy, but an amazing trainer.

I can honestly say that one of the most valuable things I have learned throughout my Insanity journey thus far is that nutrition and rest are key to making progress and seeing results.  Thanks to my new-found obsession with Game of Thrones, catching up on Season 1-3 of The Walking Dead, and making cute baby shower cupcakes for an awesome couple, Baldy (Mr. Smoochy) and I  been hitting the sack pretty late for the past few weeks.  My diet still needs work, but I know what I have to do.  I’ve got to cut the junk and get with the program.  No if-ands-and-butts about it.  Now that I’m starting see results and feel stronger in my upper body, I’m craving more success.  People, there are outdoor runs in cute tank tops and tight workout booty short in my future.  I don’t want anyone to see my jigglies when I’m running through the park with my new gear.  Ahhhhh, what a feeling.  I’m striving for fit and strength, not skinny.

Jennifer Nicole Lee working out wearing a Lethal Weapon T shirt in Miami


Jennifer Nicole Lee is one of my Fitsperations.  Now that’s dedication!

I missed a workout to make 3 dozen of these cuties.  Had a lot of fun making them, but I’m so glad they’re done!


Twins Under a Blanket

teddy 2

Teddy Girl

baby girls

Baby Girls!


A Gang of Teddies

Healthy Journey!


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