Insanity Week 4: Bummed Out!


My Insanity workouts were going great.  I felt stronger and pushed myself a little harder , but I rearranged my schedule a little bit to allow time to visit family and friends over the weekend, which meant there would be many hours of driving.  That being said, I didn’t get home until late on Saturday and although I was still motivated to workout, the drastic change in weather brought on some serious sinus and allergy problems.  I could barely breathe without sounding like those awful looking walkers from The Walking Dead.  I decided to get some rest and then get back on track the next day.  Well, Sunday came and went. I felt just as worst then and decided to rest up a little more only this time I had severe chest and back pain to accompany my sinus and allergy annoyances.  Medication didn’t help either.  I had two more workouts left of Week 4 and then this week would be the dividing line between Insanity, the basics and Insanity, the ball buster (Max Interval Training).  I am hoping the pain subsides today so I can make up for the past few days and stay on track, but only time will tell.  I love Shaun T. and want to finish strong, but I love my back and health a lot more.   I’m not giving up! I’m too close to finishing!


Healthy Journey


7 thoughts on “Insanity Week 4: Bummed Out!

    • Hey, what are you waiting for? I started at 176.8 pounds and I’m not down to 172. You should check out the youtube videos for Insanity, there are so many people who are at different fitness levels and they’re seeing amazing results. I understand that mentally you have to be ready, but don’t let your weight stop you from doing something that you really want to do. I think you will surprise yourself once you step outside of your comfort zone. This is why I have a Sexy Day Challenge every month to encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone for at least one hour a month and it doesn’t have to be major, you could try a new lipstick or wear a skirt while doing housework. I use to “live” inside of my head and continuously put things off because of my insecurities, but once I stepped outside of my comfort zone for a few minutes, so many doors of opportunity opened up for me. My goal is to complete Insanity by my 30th birthday next month, not because I want to lose weight, but because I’m tired of not accomplishing the things I want to do, but have been too scared to try. Stay strong and stay positive, you can do it!……….Healthy Journey!

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