Insanity: Week 2 Throwdown

Folks, I haven’t thrown in the towel yet.  Yes, the workouts are “INSANE,” but I’m having a bit of fun and enjoying the challenge.  Each time I’m able to do one more mountain climber or jump squat, I feel stronger and determined to get through this 60-Day program.  Now, I’ve had a few choice words for Mr. Shaun T, but he’s so cute.  How can you stay mad at this guy?


I’m now faced with another challenge.  North Carolina weather.  The heat is back and folks it is HAAWWWT.  Don’t even get me started on the humidity.  So you say, “Why don’t you just turn on the AC?”  That would be too easy, plus I much prefer natural air over artificial, but I’m sure that there will be a change of attitude soon.  In the meantime, I’m taking in water (boring!) like a guppy.

Drink Like Fish

Now here’s the reality.  I’ve been a bad, bad girl.  When momma makes homemade clam chowder, you don’t turn it down.  You say, “Yes, please….yummm, yummm!”  However, I’ve been making a few adjustments.  Instead of eating a large bowl, I opt to eat just half a cup.  I still want to enjoy eating food.  I don’t want to get caught up in counting calories obsessively, but I know it works in order to lose weight.  I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT.  So that means something’s got to give.  I know that I would feel better and see results a lot quicker if I cut out the junk.  Again, what’s the point of putting so much effort into my workouts when I’m slowing down progress by eating a crappy diet?  (You don’t have to answer that!)  I’ve been on a weight loss journey for a long time and have maintained a 80 pound loss for almost a decade so I know how hard it is to keep the momentum.  I know how hard it is to forge a relationship between diet and exercise.  They just don’t seem to like each other sometimes.


In a nutshell, my workouts are going great.  I’m noticing definition in my thighs, arms, and upper abs even with a crappy diet.  I haven’t missed a workout yet.  I’m already on Day 2 of Week 3.  My focus this week is to track my food intake and learn how to love my body as it is now and to not be so hard on myself.  I’m making progress and that’s what matters!

Healthy Journey!


2 thoughts on “Insanity: Week 2 Throwdown

  1. Good job girl, I bet the heart rate has gotten up there.. I know that weather is a killer I am not one for the AC as well bring the heat and water on until I cant take it no more; it maybe a hot one this summer it is coming quickly….

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