Insanity Vs. the Easter Bunny


I’m pumped!  I’m putting in the time and attempting to maximize my Insanity experience, however, I am weak when it comes to resisting sweet, chocolate temptations.  Make that, ice cream and gummy bears too.  You know what?  Let’s just say that the Easter Bunny and I are good friends.  Well, I’m kinda cool with the Halloween goblins, Santa, and Cupid too.  My taste buds perk right up when certain holidays and events roll around each year.  I’m sure many of you made a few exceptions to your diet rules this Easter for the sake of devouring a huge Cadbury Chocolate Caramel Creme Egg or for an extra slice of honey baked ham.  Yeah, I’m guilty!  And I’ve paid the price every morning afterwards when I had to face Mr. Shaun T.  I’m learning the hard way and obviously not quick enough that if you’re going to put in the time and energy to do these intense workouts, you’ve got to put the right things into your body.  You have to eat for energy.  The exercise itself will not get you the results you want.  No one expects you to be perfect, just don’t give up.  And for the love of god, do not EVER EVER EVER again eat a huge steak dinner and then 20 minutes later decide to do Pure Cardio (Guilty as charged! HUUUGE mistake!).  It’s not a good feeling the day of nor the day after.


Honestly, I haven’t been feeling as energetic as I could feel this week due to a poor diet.  So, I’m making some small changes starting with my meat consumption.  I want to focus on eating less beef and pork and reducing the amount of dairy in my diet.  I honestly don’t know why I continue to eat so much meat when it just makes me feel like crap.  But it’s so goooooood!  I know it won’t be easy, but my body will thank me for it later.

Healthy Journey!


3 thoughts on “Insanity Vs. the Easter Bunny

  1. I quit eating meat about 2 years ago and it really made me feel better. Some people disagree and think meat is so great but go based on how your body feels. Also, I need to send you some chocolate shakeology to try! Shakeology is a life saver with getting nutrition and helping those cravings!

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