Sexy Day Challenge (April): New Do for my Boo!

I have been wracking my brain with different ideas for Sexy Day- April and for some reason yesterday I was in the mood to do something different with my hair.  Normally, I give it a wash, let it air dry and go on with my day, but this time I needed a different do for brunch with the gang.  Now, let me back this up.  I’m not a get-your-hair-nails-make-up-done every day or week kind of girl.  I like quick and dirty.  Lipstick and ponytail.  Jeans and t-shirts.  Broccoli and no butter.  However, every once in a while I get into diva mode, like yesterday.

So I’m kind of getting into this ‘Natural’ movement thing.  You know, no chemicals or harsh treatments to the hair, just as natural as possible.  My hair stylists and some of my girlfriends are urging me to join.  One even suggested I go blonde, which kind of defeats the purpose don’t you think?  I naturally have thick, wavy hair and sometimes it can get out of control.  Therefore, I usually choose the safest route known to mankind.  The ponytail.  Nothing fancy, just simple, quick, and less fussy.  But this week I decided to step outside of my comfort zone a little and do something funky.  I wore my new style all day in public while running errands and guess what?  I got a lot of thumbs up including my boo, Mr. Baldy himself.  You know, this may be the start to something new. IIIIIIII like it!

natural look

(Sorry, I was so excited that I forget to take pic of back view!)

How will you challenge yourself in the month of APRIL?  Tell me all about it!

Healthy Journey!


6 thoughts on “Sexy Day Challenge (April): New Do for my Boo!

  1. I am doing a squat challenge this mouth and my thighs are on fire… I love your hair it is cute I am in love with curls… I have been natural for a few years and started growing my hair out two years ago, so I stop putting braids and weaves in my hair.. I don’t see the hype about being natural if I could get a perm I would I just don’t know how to take care of it, but I guess sine I am a jeans and tennis shoe kinda girl. Getting dolled up are hair is not really my thing 🙂

    • I get relaxers once or twice a year and it’s true that if you don’t know how to take care of them you can damage your hair. I’m more concerned about my hair and scalp being healthy rather than how it looks these days. That’s another good reason to eat well and exercise! Good luck on your Squat Challenge. I thighs and booty could definitely use a few of those…..Healthy Journey!

    • I prefer to get my workouts done in the morning, but sometimes I put it off until later and then it’s much harder. Good luck with your challenge, stay SEXY………Healthy Journey!

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