Insanity Week 1: I’m Still Alive!


Hurraaaaay! I completed my first week of Insanity and managed not to die.  I have mad respect for Shaun T., but there were some words that slipped out of my mouth during those workout sessions that even the good lord didn’t expect to hear.  I admit to taking a few breaks here and there, but I promised to try each move and if I take a break, I’ve got to get right back to it.  NO QUITTING THIS TIME!  What I discovered during my workouts is sometimes when I think I’m about to die, I still had a few more moves left in me.  There were times that I stopped even when I wasn’t out of breath, but those old negative thoughts that I had when I quit before came back into action.  Here’s what they sound like:

“Do 5 push-ups, then stop.” “Do 10 jump squats, then stop.” “Run in place for 15 seconds, then stop.” “To hell with this workout, you don’t have to do it.” “You’re going to do all of this work and get nowhere.” “You should quit now because you have too much weight to lose and you don’t have the energy to go through this journey again.”


What kind of crap is that?  The reason I started Insanity is because I needed to be challenged.  I became comfortable living in complete misery and shame from not pushing myself and going above and beyond what I know I’m capable of doing.  The hardest part is taking this journey day by day and trying not to let every little thing get to me.

In happier news, since doing Insanity I have more energy, confidence, and walking a little taller these days.  You may even find me flexing my flab-to-fab bicep muscles from time to time.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Healthy Journey!




7 thoughts on “Insanity Week 1: I’m Still Alive!

  1. Love this! It’s so true that our thoughts really hinder us. I try to think to myself, can I jump even one centimeter higher? Am I going at 70% or 90%? How will I feel after I spent this time working our and realize I could have done just a bit more? Hang in there!

      • I know the feeling…that ounce of excitement will quickly turn into addiction! It’s your body remembering the high of endorphins you get after each workout. Bliss. Pure bliss! You forget about things you were pissed about, stressed about, Etc. working out is literally my drug!

  2. I haven’t tried Insanity yet, but I’ve been doing Turbofire off and on. Planning on more “on” in the future. It’s true, there are many times I have felt, “I can’t lift my knees any higher!”, and then the next rep, I do, and it always amazes me.

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