Weigh-In #: DIG DEEPER

Yeah, I’m a day late with the news, but better late than never.  I want to bring all of you up-to-date.  I’ve been doing Insanity for four days now starting with the Fit Test on Monday, March 25.  Each move below was performed in one minute with a strong emphasis on maintaining proper form.  Check out my results:


My Results = 52.5

powerjMy Results = 50

power kn

My Results = 73

power ju

My Results = 37

globe j

My Results = 8

suicide ju

My Results = 13

push up ja

My Results =  15

low plank

My Results = 34

Now in addition to doing Insanity, I’m also doing the 30-Day Shred DVD with Jillian Michaels for the next 30 days.  I’ve done this video in the past, but think it’s a good addition to Insanity.  I prefer to go hard without overdoing it, rather than taking it easy and looking for every excuse to not push myself.  It’s weird, but I’ve had this mentality on certain things throughout my life.  For example, in high school, I did better in my honors and advanced placement classes than I did in my regular ones.  I didn’t see a challenge in the regular classes so I just became bored and not inspired to do much.  I think the same applies when I work out, but the real issue comes with maintaining the momentum.  I’m trying to push myself to keep going and not to stop before I’ve even started.  It’s all mental and I have to learn to push beyond that.  In the words of the fitness god himself, Shaun T., “DIG DEEPER.”

Without further ado, here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  This week’s weigh-in.  Drum roll please……………


Starting Weight: 176.8

Previous Weight: 174

Current Weight: 173 

Current Total Weight Loss: -3.8

Goal Weight: 150


Healthy Journey!


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