“Girl, You’re INSANE!”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few years ago, I stood at the base of a pyramid in the city of Teotihuacan, just outside of Mexico City, with a sprained ankle and chipped bone caused by a fall during a recent hike, but I was determined to see Pyramid del Sol before leaving Mexico.  I debated over and over again whether or not I would climb this pyramid with a swollen ankle or just wait for my friends to go up and come down without me.  I couldn’t deny the rush of adrenaline that exploded in my veins just from the thought of climbing up to the top.  Just think, SHAM, the pyramid climber? (Sounded cool enough)  After watching visitor after visitor climb up and come down, I thought, ” Are you seriously going to let an 80 year-old woman with a cane and a man carrying his newborn baby outdo you on this one.  To hell with your ankle, you better climb this damn thing because they don’t have pyramids in North Carolina.”  Then up I went!  I remember getting to the top and looking over the entire Aztec site, taking it all in, and guess what?  My ankle didn’t hurt anymore.  I did it!  That was one thing that I did not manage to talk myself out of doing.


What’s the one thing that you start over and over again or promise that you will get to someday, but never see it to an end?  Come on, I know you know where I’m coming from.  Well, that one thing for me is to complete 60-Days of Insanity.  I’ve thought about doing it a million times before and then a few weeks ago I actually started it, but stopped after only three days.  Not because I was tired or bored (as I originally thought was the reason), but mainly because I got sucked into my old ways.  I have come to discover than when I have great ideas or want to embark on new adventures, I talk myself out them due to fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, and fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone.  How awesome it would be if someone else could do the work and I could reap the benefits, right?  Well, little one, life doesn’t work that way.

insanity workout1

After seeing numerous YouTube videos and reading tons of success stories, I became fed up.  Well, it was more of a breakdown.  I strongly believe that sometimes you need a good cry to wake you up sometimes.  If you’re like me, you hold things inside until eventually you blow your top.  I have the tendency to feed off of painful issues of the past because it’s familiar and I know what to expect.  Sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Sometimes you hold so much stress inside that you can barely breathe and the idea of doing something productive just seems scary.  I have my moments, but I know that no matter what, if I keep moving, acknowledge what’s happening at this very moment, and look forward to good things in the future, then I will be unstoppable.

You know, sometimes I think to myself, “Why do you start things and then stop?  What do you have to fear?  What happens if you actually do something you like and you succeed.  How will you know if you don’t try?”  Eventually you get tired of starting over again so you’re left to do one of two things.  One, you quit and never come back to it or two, you keep trying until you finish.  So, this week, I have a date with Mr. Shaun T. in my living room every morning until June 8.  INSANITY, here I come!

Healthy INSANE Journey!


7 thoughts on ““Girl, You’re INSANE!”

  1. Lovelovelove your determination! You’re gonna rock it. And you know we’re here cheering you on when things get tough. I always like the quote “If it’s not hard, it’s not working” when it comes to exercise. If it’s difficult, it means you’re doing it right!

  2. Go get it girl! I just wanted to say that if you don’t already have a Beachbody Coach that you are working with, I would be happy to help you stay on track. I am here anytime you need it and will be following your blog now!

      • There will be days you just need some motivation and other days that you have questions. Megan from A Better Year To A Better Life just purchased Insanity and I am her coach as well. I would be more than happy to add you to a group so you can be motivated by others and have more accountability! If you need anything you can email me or find me on Facebook: Kayla Hoffman or BeachBody Coach Kayla Hoffman. So excited to see your results!

  3. I have ever ever given insanity a tried, I did one video and that was it to much but I like Zuzka light I can do her video I may try one this week… Keep with it I know you can do it 🙂

    • I’ve never heard of Zuzka. I think I finally got sucked into the hype of Insanity, but honestly, I think it’s a good workout if you’re trying to gain energy and need help pushing yourself mentally. If nothing else, I think it’s worth a try. I will look into Zuzka also……..Healthy Journey!

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