Weigh-In #: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Gods Must Be Crazy, The

Just when I thought the weight loss gods were through with me, this happened!

Starting Weight: 176.8

Previous Weight: 175.9

Current Weight: 174.0

Total Weight Change (+/-): -1.9


Since I stopped counting calories I’ve been focusing on eating more wholesome food and putting the fork down when I get that satisfied feeling.  When I stuff my face right before bed, bad things happen in the middle of the night like snoring and stomach aches?  And then on Wednesday mornings the bad news continues after eating an insane amount of dinner the previous night.  Bloat Nation!

But now I say, “BACK AWAY FROM THE PLATE, POWDER LIPS, YOU’RE OFFICIALLY DONE.”  Sounds simple and maybe it should be, but I’ve still got to keep my focus.

I’m averaging 15,000-20,000 steps a day (about 5-10 miles), but I will add strength training for toning.


FITBIT STATS: Wednesday, March 20




Healthy Journey!


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