Meet the Plate Pusher


(NO, not this guy!)

Me: “My boyfriend is amazed by the amount of discipline you have when it comes to food. You take a few bites and then PUSH it away.  That’s awesome”

The Plate Pusher: “Well yeah (he shrugs), isn’t that what most people do when they’re full?”


Now I’ve heard tons of stories about this Discipline Guru a.k.a. The Plate Pusher and after meeting the guy for the first time at a house party Paper-View UFC tournament the other night, I have to say, I’m impressed.  While the rest of the guys devoured chips and wings by the gallon, the Plate Pusher gleefully enjoyed each bite of his sweet potato-banana muffin.  By the way, I just have to say that this guy is said to be one of the pickiest eaters known to man and I was able to get him to eat not one, but two of my homemade sweet-potato banana muffins topped off with a few compliments from the guru himself.  While others ate those muffins in just one or two bites, the Plate Pusher took several small bites, put it down and then ate a little more until it was all gone.  I studied his moves, his breathing techniques, and his timing.  I watched the placement of his fingers around the muffin wrapper and how he gently placed the muffin down after deciding he needed a break from chewing.  What I found to be true about the Plate Pusher is that he’s just an ordinary guy who knows when to push the plate away.  His hunger queues are superb and finely tuned.  He’s not a mystery, just a common sense kind of guy.

And to answer his question, “No, not everyone knows when to push the plate away when they’re full.”  I can say personally I use to eat everything on my plate and then some out of fear that I would never experience that same good feeling again.  Food was emotional dependency for me and sometimes it still is, but I learned to recognize the issue and make better decisions.  I’m not saying I’m a complete Plate Pusher, but I have my moments and would like to have more of them.  I have to tell myself that it’s okay to put the food away and move on to something else because I can always come back if I just have to have more.  I usually never do and that’s the great part about this whole idea of intuitive eating.  You’re not giving up anything, just learning self-control.

Now, learning how to push the plate away when I get that ‘not-yet-full-but-satisfied’ feeling is what I’m aiming for this week.  And you know, why not have a theme song whenever that feeling comes?  No song says it better than this! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, baby, baby!

Healthy Journey


2 thoughts on “Meet the Plate Pusher

  1. Ha ha ha for a second I thought your were stalking the plate pusher you seem so attentive to his every bite; you are right I had this problem this weekend, and my stomach suffered because I refused to push the plate a away…

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