Weigh-In #: Heavyweight Champion?


Today is the day.  A day of truth.  A day of wishful thinking.  A day of one-legged balance tricks on the bathroom scale in hopes for a better number.  However, no one-legged trick is going to save you from yourself.  So here we are folks on this marvelous Wednesday with this week’s weigh-in results.

Previous Weight: 175.2

Current Weight: 175.9

Total Weight Change (+/-): +0.7


Weigh In 12

Now, my Fitbit doesn’t factor the difference of last week’s weigh-in from today’s as a weight change at all.  Hey, I’m cool with that for now, but the idea is to “lose” weight, not gain.  On the flip side, the body does all kinds of things that can throw off the numbers.  Eating too much salt and retaining water will throw a monkey wrench in your weight loss plans.  Eating too much sugar can trigger inflammation and binges.  I’m not counting calories anymore, but well aware that portion control, eating healthy, eating wholesome food at least 80 % of the time, and working out regularly are key to maintaining good health and losing weight.

I’ve been listening to my body a lot these past few days and eating when I’m hungry, stopping when I’m satisfied, and becoming more active.  No stress there!

Healthy Journey!


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