Sexy Day Challenge: Jamming My Way Into March


If you saw yourself walking down the street, would you want to go over to say, “Hi?”  Would you walk up to You and say,   “Hey, wut up?  Want to grab a coffee?”  Would you say, “Cute scarf, you go girl?”  Would you think, “He/She’s kind of creepy?”  Better yet, would you even recognize yourself?

I’ve always wondered how other people view me. Not that it really matters, but I often wonder why some feel the need to tell me their most intimate thoughts (gotta love retail-customer service).  I wonder why some guys wink and others don’t.  I worry about whether or not my hair looks well-kept or if my overall appearance comes across as well-groomed or if it appears that I’m trying to hard.  Is there a booger up my nose?  How does the world see me?  Do others see me as I see myself?  Hmmmmmm!

I don’t want to ever shy away from mirrors even if I don’t like what I see.  I want to be connected with myself throughout every part of this journey.  I know that I have the ability and strength to get rid of my love handles and muffin top.  I know that there are many times when I feel weak and not energetic, but there are times when I feel confident and sexy.  That, my friends, happens when I’m making an ass out of myself on the dance floor.  Oddly enough my family has never seen me dance, well, that is us until today.  I decided to video tape myself doing Zumba and post it on YouTube (My first post, ever) for the world to see, including you guys.  I have to admit, when I first saw these videos, I couldn’t stop laughing.  I’m haven’t perfected the Zumba-boogy, but I’ve definitely made some progress since my first class.

What makes this my Sexy Day Challenge?  I took my fear of revealing who I am and what I enjoy and now showing it to people who have never seen that side of me.  At my past weight of 250 pounds, I never would have had the courage to step into a Zumba class.  With more than 10 Zumba classes under my belt and quite a few private lessons with my Smoochiebear in the middle of our living room, I have to admit that I’m no Beto Perez or Tanya Beardsley, but I’m Jamming, Baby!  Whoooooohooooooooooooooo!

Check out my foot action!


Healthy Journey!


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