OH, YEAH! Sexy Day Challenge (February)

i'm too sexy

So I’m not dropping the weight from my belly, but I figured I’d lose a few ounces by snipping off a few strands of hair.  HOT DIGGITY DOG, this feels good!

BEFORE (Blah!!!)





IMG_20130218_193452With this new do, I feel lighter and energetic.  I use to hide behind my hair and let it identify who I was.  I became known as the girl with a lot of hair.  My grandfather even called me ‘Bighead’ because of it (Ahhhh, words of endearment).  This new style is definitely me and I love it.

Did you get out of your comfort zone this month and tried something that made you feel strong, motivated, and sexy?

Healthy Journey


2 thoughts on “OH, YEAH! Sexy Day Challenge (February)

    • Does it feel great to finally overcome something that you’ve let hold you back for so long? That’s awesome! Sexy Day Challenge is a once a month ( or more) event that is year long. I have no idea what I will next month, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. I hope you will do the Sexy Day Challenge next month also. Healthy Journey!!!

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