The Way We Were

when I was a little girl

Note to self.  “You are not the same person you were eight years ago when you started this weight loss journey.  Yeah, you were on a healthy kick, eating well, and working out consistently.  Honestly, you were in the zone, but you know what?  Life happens.  Sometimes you get off track, sometimes the unexpected happens, and even when the expected happens, you’re not always ready for the change.  Your environment has changed, your work has changed, you have new friends, and new beginnings.  You have to stop suffering and drowning from past sorrows and “wishing” you were as great as you were eight years ago.  Those days have come and gone and now it’s time to become better and stronger.    Stop living in the past and embrace the present.  You dig?”

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This is the conversation that goes through my head when I’m not feeling motivated to eat well or exercise.  I find myself struggling with where to go next, how to get back on track, and trying not to compare myself to the way I use to be.  I understand that I’ve made a lot of progress, but I’m not in the same place mentally and physically that I was when I was just a young, whippersnapper in college.  Getting older is no joke.  I use to pride myself at being able to drop the pounds quickly and working out almost everyday, but boy have things changed.  However, I don’t want to look at change as being negative.  Maybe it is time for me to revamp things, put a little spunk in my step, and have a different perspective on getting healthy.  When I really think about what bothers me the most these days, I’m more concerned about the “numbers” (cholesterol, bp, triglycerides…) and feeling better.  The number on the scale is somewhat important also.  What I do know is that I don’t want to be that calorie-counting junky anymore.  I don’t want to obsess over every little detail.  I want simplicity, less mental clutter, and the opportunity to enjoy the things I love like FOOD.  My frustration comes from boredom.

The honest truth is, I need fresh ideas and new adventures.  I don’t need a master plan.  I need a Jump Start and new recipes!



Healthy Journey!!!


One thought on “The Way We Were

  1. “I want simplicity, less mental clutter, and the opportunity to enjoy the thingsI” That’s good. Make it happen and you won’t be bored. Keep you eye on the prize.

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