Don’t Play with the Yo-Yo!


So I’ve been writing down the food that I’ve been eating for the past week or so.  I haven’t counted calories or focused too much on portion control, but what I’m looking for are patterns.  I know that breakfast and lunch are no-brainers for me  and although I’m sure I could make a few tweaks or so here and there, the real trouble seems to come around dinner time.  What I’ve found so far is that dinner just doesn’t seem to be enough.  I haven’t been feeding hunger, but feeding fatigue and stress.  After dinner, instead of having seconds of the same thing, I move onto something more exciting like  a box of cookies, candy, and whatever else is within reach.  Then what happens next just makes things worst.  I sit down and watch TV.  On a good day I’ll manage to squeeze in 30 minutes or so of Zumba before dinner. HURRAY, right?  Not so much when you’re backtracking.  This new dinner ritual has occurred for weeks, maybe even months.  I mean, I went 30-Days without dessert and didn’t break a sweat, but now that those days have passed, it’s as if they never happened.  I fell back into old habits, however, there is hope.

I like to experiment, to test myself sometimes and that is exactly what I did the last week.  Lately, immediately after dinner, I pop a few pieces of hard candy into my mouth, chew them up and then walk away for a few minutes.  I come back later in search for something better, which basically means I eat whatever is within sight, whether I really crave it or not.  It’s almost as if those pieces of candy fuel a different kind of hunger.  Folks, that’s the lovely effect of sugar.  The drug, the crack.  Out of curiosity one night, I skipped the candy and waited.  Then I waited a little longer. I found that I didn’t want the bowl of cereal or chocolate cookies nearly as much I did when I would eat the hard candy first.  In a nut shell, I was eating out of habit.  I mindlessly created an insane junk routine and that’s just a disaster waiting to happen (Folks, I can’t afford to have anymore buttons flying off another pair of pants).


(Sugar is my drug! Although, I haven’t gotten desperate enough to sniff jelly!)

This isn’t a post about bitchin’ and wishing I could lose weight (Well, not this time).  I guess you can say this is an A-ha moment if you will.  For those of you who struggle with yo-yo dieting and reminiscing about last year when you were 20 lbs lighter, don’t focus on the past. Focus on getting better so that this time next year, you’re not wasting energy wishing you were 20 lbs lighter again.  Make each moment count.

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Even with all of the muchin’ and crunchin’ action that has been happening in my kitchen lately, I’ve managed to get about 5,000 steps during my workdays because instead of sitting down and reading during my breaks, I get my sweet booty outside and walk a few laps.  I’m drinking more water, about 2 liters a day consistently, and I’ve gone back to journaling.  I’ve already noticed a difference and so has the scale.  I’ve dropped about two pounds in the past weeks and I know what I have to do, it’s just  a matter of actually doing it………………….HEY, SELF.  STOP BEING A LAZY BUTT!!!!!!!

Healthy Journey!


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