Winging It: “Honey BBQ, please!”


Folks, my gut and food brain have gotten the best of me.  I haven’t weighed myself in over 4 months.  Out of curiosity I purchased an awesome portable cutie scale and WHOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Momma, 177 lbs?  Now, that’s ridiculous.  Even with 30 days sans cakes, cookies, pies, OH MY, the pants have gotten tighter and the fatigue has come back.  What’s going on? My goal for last year leading into this year was to get into shape by the time I turned 30 (3 months from now).  Honestly, I’ve been winging it.  Literally!


I haven’t pushed myself the way I use to and I have a 15 pound weight gain in just four months to show for it (maybe it’s water weight?  Who am I kidding?  Yeah, more like a food baby!).  I use to have an eating plan, strength train 3-4 days a week, and run slightly religiously (well, I was well past the atheist phase.).  Yes, I fell in love and head over heels into baskets of freshly baked bread with butter and plates of too-awesome-to-be healthy Teriyaki wings.  I stopped listening to my body and let temptation override common sense and my vision to become healthier, but I never said that this journey would be easy.  Just 10 years ago I managed to lose over 80 lbs and keep it off with the exception of 10-15 pounds that creep back on during moments of weakness and distress.  People, losing weight is only half the battle. We’re all aware that eating excessively and lack of exercise is bound to get you into trouble at some point.  It’s hard to find what really works for you, but whatever you do to take the weight off has to be realistic, flexible, and manageable in the long run.  It’s all about lifestyle changes.  Not necessarily giving up everything, but revamping or having many things in moderation.  It’s about seeing yourself as that hot and HEALTHY 80-year-old granny or papa and trying to figure out how to get there. Constant yo-yo dieting, excessive eating, and little exercise will not do.


How Did I Lose Over 80 lbs?

  • Counted calories (1500-1600 calories a day)
  • Measured Food based on portion sizes and the Food Guide Pyramid
  • Ate every 3-4 hrs (mini meals or splitting larger meals in half)
  • Ate less sweets
  • Drank more water (limited to 100% juice and soda, but just sips, not an entire can or bottle)
  • Limited meat consumption to 2-3 servings a week (mostly chicken and fish)
  • Switched form white rice, pasta, bread to whole wheat
  • Cardio/Strength exercises 4-6 times a week
  • Parked my car far from school, work, or shopping centers to get in steps
  • Cooked at home on regular basis
  • Limited eating fast food to TWO ITEMS (sandwich, fries, soup, OR other) a week, not two meals a week
  • Planned daily meals the night or week before
  • Grocery shopped once a week at the same time to create habit

How Did I Gain 15 Pounds?  I did the opposite of everything listed above.  Pure honesty!

As for me, I’m not giving up.  I know what I’m doing wrong and I know the benefits of getting my ass back on track.  I’m just selling myself short.  That’s not acceptable for me and it shouldn’t be for you.  If this journey was easy and pain-free, I’m sure there would be more people tagging along, but it’s trying and intimidating.  It’s frustrating stopping and starting all over again.  Trying to figure out which diet or fitness plan to follow. That’s the beauty of it though because when it’s all said and done, you will find that the journey was well worth the outcome.  No more winging it. Hold the sauce, hold the wings!

Healthy Journey!


5 thoughts on “Winging It: “Honey BBQ, please!”

  1. Thanks. I needed to read this. Had a bad day with food today. Snacked way more than normal And went about 800 calories over. Really upset with myself. I needed the reminder not to lose track of how if list 100+ pounds.

    • I think it’s all part of the process, but making excuses is not. It’s so easy to get off track. You don’t really think about that so much when you’re in the “zone,” but once you lose focus it’s hard to get it together again.

      Congratulations! I think you’re definitely entitled to have a few lazy moments given the circumstances. Lol

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