Sexy Dress (January) Challenge……Ummmm!

Objective: Wear a dress to work for at least four days out of the work week.

The Insanity Behind the Objective?: I wanted that feeling of power, purpose, and change!



Day 1: Feelin’ pretty good!


Day 2: Ummmm, still feelin’ kind of good, but baby it’s cold outside!


Day 3: Jeans and dresses go great together in 40 degree weather.  On a Sexy Day Scale of 1-10?  I would say this was an 8.


Day 4: Well, the sexiness started to wear off a little, but it sure felt nice to wear something below the knee.  Aside from the unruly hair and the mess in the background.  I would rate this day on a scale from 1-10, maybe a 7.  If only I could buy a chunk of the sun in order to stay warm…..brrrrrrrr!

There you have it, Folks! Sexy Day Challenge for the month of January is complete!

Healthy Journey!


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