Sexy Day Challenge is Back


Pull out your spandex, tubes of red, hooker boots, and devilish smiles…….Sexy Day Challenge is back!  If you’re not familiar with this lovely challenge, no sweat, I got you covered.  Just check out the guidelines below!

  1. Choose something small or big that you’ve been dying to try, get out of your comfort zone.  Try a new lipstick color, wear a mini skirt to the grocery store, buy a pair of red pumps, or read in the nude…..whatever challenges you to be sexy and positive.
  2. Write about it, take pictures, report….basically, let us or somebody else know how you got your sexy on.  A positive attitude is contagious!
  3. Challenge yourself at least once every month until December 31, 2013.


Be creative, have fun, and remember, no matter what, you’re always awesome, beautiful, and sexy despite the outcome.  Alright, ladies and gentlemen, let the sexiness begin!

Healthy Journey!


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