Peeling Back the Junk Layers

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My body is having a “WTF” moment.  It’s been almost five whole days without a single bite of cake, ice cream, cookie, or desserty goodness.   I have crazy energy, but I feel hungry constantly.  I know that if I eat dessert now, my body will celebrate with a surge of energy, feeling of fullness, and then crash.  The cravings will kick in and I’ll want more, but you know what, this feeling of insane energy without the creamy, buttery, and super sugary stuff is too good to ruin.  Thanks to a bit of advice that I came across on Youtube, I’m learning to avoid trouble by not buying the stuff in the first place, focusing on each day instead of forever, being accountable, and redefining failure for future slip-ups.

You know, I’m thinking of this sugar thing in terms of layers.  Let’s see, there’s……

The Obvious Junk

candy, cookies, cakes, ice cream, soda, beer, juice (you get it)

then there’s….

The So-So Junk

potatoes, bread, corn, pasta, white rice (foods/starches the body breaks down into sugar)

oh, don’t forget……………….

The Sneaky Critters (a few alternative words for sugar)

sucrose, dextrose, high fructose syrup, organic sugar cane, sugar cane, sugar, brown sugar, molasses, honey (you have to read food labels to find these guys, check out this website for 50 Other Names for Sugar:

*Don’t be fooled by the label Organic.  Sugar is sugar is sugar! (Repeat three times)


Now don’t get me wrong, the body and brain needs sugar for fuel, but not a lot and not the refined, processed, man-made stuff.  Don’t get me started on Simple and Complex Carbs, that’s conversation for another day.  I know some of you have found awesome substitutes with Stevia, Agave, Truvia, Splenda,honey, coconut sugar, and other alternatives even with all of the controversy surrounding these modern-day sweet crystals.  That’s awesome, you’re making changes that are hopefully going to propel your health in a better direction.


Words of advice, don’t get too sucked into all of the new scientific food manipulations out there.  If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  Isn’t it funny how we’ve been eating all of the genetically modified and refined crap for decades and now it’s all about the “real” and “natural” stuff?  Take Pepsi Throwbacks for example.  Pepsi and Mount Dew products were once made with high fructose syrup, now PepsiCo is joining the Back to Sugar movement along with other food companies and now vow to use natural ingredients such as beet sugars and sugar cane to sweeten their drinks.  Be a smart consumer, question what’s going into your food and be careful what you’re putting in your body.  You’re worth the effort!

Healthy Journey!


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