Hobbits, Flying Buttons & Booty


Ahhhhhh, if only I could become a hobbit and maintain a youthful appearance well into my 50s or 60s if I were lucky.  Unlike these crazy modern-day social standards, as a hobbit I wouldn’t be considered of age until I turned 33.  But you know, I can live without the insanely large and  hairy feet and other insane hair issues.  Oh, well, a girl can dream!  I never thought of myself as a Lord of the Rings follower until I was recently pressured into watching the Hobbit in the latest, hottest, next best thingest High Frame Rate.  All the better to see Bilbo Baggins leaping and fighting with his slightly pudgy belly hidden well behind his wool frock coat, which brings me to my next topic.  Flying buttons!


I bet you’re wondering what in the hell hobbits have to do with flying buttons.  People, if I were a hobbit, I would have incredible energy and enough intelligence to know that eating too much food for pleasure causes muffin top, pants to get tight, and buttons to pop off because they’re now too tight to fasten, which is exactly what happened to me the other day. It’s true, hobbits have pudgy bellies, but isn’t that genetics mostly?  Possibly.  The point of the matter is that although frustrating, this “expected” fitness journey has to continue, especially now that I’m armed with a FitBit, Zumba fitness DVD set, a Vitamix, and gift cards to Whole Foods and for iTunes.  What a great start when used wisely and regularly. This is a battle, a war against cravings and holiday temptations.  If health and energy are the prizes that I gain from winning this health battle then I want my Booty.  I want those prizes.  I want it now, I want it my way, and I want it with cheese!  Low-fat, of course!

pirate booty

By the way, the Pain Wall Fitness Plan, composed by Mr. Love and myself is off to a slow start, but getting better.  Baby steps, People, baby steps!  Well, hobbit steps if you will!!!

Healthy Journey


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