My For-Now-Fitness-Guru


Let me preface today’s topic with a few words of acknowledgement, well maybe defense.  I accept that my fitness guru isn’t the typical Jillian Michaels look-alike or Richard Simmons wannabe, but by God, Folks, Coco is my latest fitness inspiration.  Wow, I think my list of Followers just dropped by 50% (just joking or am I???), but before you make the biggest mistake of your life and Unfollow YOUrtruthdiet, hear me out.  I chose Mrs. Coco as my fitness inspiration not because of her lovely golden locks, humongous breastacles, or famous badonkadonk (a.k.a. booty), but this chick has discipline, goals, and gets results.  I mean, have you seen this women workout in those Youtube videos or on her tv show, Ice Loves Coco?


I can’t say that I’m ready to follow in her footsteps, but I might make some modifications in my workout routine.  Just a tweak or two.  I think it takes a lot to hold yourself high and stay positive when you don’t exactly fit the stereotypical models and celebrities of the world.  In a society of super thin and fad diets, it’s refreshing to see someone who exudes confidence and takes pride in their lumps and bumps. The real and the fake!  Are you still there? Great!

(YOUr Interaction: So tell me, who’s your fitness guru?)

Healthy Journey


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