5 Pounds of Love and Potato Chips


Potato-Chips (2)








Folks, I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve been bitten by the love bug.  (Awwwwwwww!!!)  Instead of spending weekends catching up with friends, I’m enjoying road trips with my Smoochiebear in search for the best French Toast south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  Instead of greeting Mr. Sun with my running gear for a quick work out in the morning, I’m opting to eat a hearty breakfast of super-greasy country ham, bacon, and cheesy egg omelets, oatmeal, and a strawberry-banana smoothie with a side of bagels and cream cheese made by Mr. Love Bug himself (Bye, bye, Ms. Vegetarian!).  Late night cuddle time just isn’t the same without two bowls of cereal and whole milk, stale popcorn, and Izzies while losing yourself in the second season of Game of Thrones.  But all is not lost in the world of expanding waistlines, “love” handles and potato chips.  There is a plus-side.  There’s healthier options like running a 5K with my sweetheart, beating my old record, and then celebrating by finding the nearest yogurt shop and smothering 20 oz. of awesome creamy frozen yogurt with two pounds of cookie dough bites, brownies, Reese’s cups, toffee bits, and a hefty drizzle of peanut butter sauce and loving every bite.

I guess you could say I’ve been under the impression that love would obliterate the hell out of calories and fat.  When you’re in love, there’s no need to train for a marathon or lift weights to get into shape.  Love will run that marathon for you in record speed and lift those weights without you ever having to lift one finger.  Then one day you wake up and realize your pants are now one-size too small, you haven’t worked out in weeks, and you’re happily answering to sweet words of endearment like Chica, Big-Head, and Doll-face.  Folks, love is sweet, love is beautiful, but love can be fattening.

Folks, I’m on a mission to get my thunder thighs and belly jelly under control, even if I have drag Mr. Love Bug into weekly Zumba classes with me (Oh, wait….I already have) and continuing to stay madly in love. Even if it means that I will have to spend hours each week making green juice with MacGyver, my favorite one-armed juicer with a missing drip guard (No worries, there’s nothing that aluminum foil and rubber bands can’t fix).  Any advice on how to fall in love without gaining an extra chin?

Healthy Journey!




6 thoughts on “5 Pounds of Love and Potato Chips

  1. I really can’t answer that… I gained a lot of weight in the first few years of dating. We were just so caught up in each other….but when you don’t feel sexy anymore, it really puts a toll on your relationship! So the husband and I decided to do active healthy things together! So instead of finding that yummy greasy joint, we tracked down the delicious healthy breakfast… instead of cuddling, we went walking. And slowly but surely our relationship turned into one of health, confidence and sexiness. And less about just being comfortable and a little bit laziness. =D

    • I think those are great ideas. My Sweetie Pie is likes to go to Zumba classes with me and now he’s got to beat the chicks off him with a stick because he’s pretty much the only guy there. Lol. We try to stay active, but lack the motivation sometimes and influence each other to eat poorly when we’re together. The good news is we both know what we need to do to become healthier, but we’re just having too much fun. Lol

  2. Gosh that is why I gained so much weight at least you realized it early, I begin to realized it when my jeans would no longer come on!!! I am happy your dragging him to Zumba that is a great ideal!!

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