Nutritious & Bootylicious: The Leftover Hangover Cure-All

Here’s a few secrets to getting over a holiday hangover.  Well, after any food binge really!

DRINK UP– that means H20, not juice, soda, tea, coffee, beer……Water is a great detox tool and helps to flush out some of the yucky stuff, but it’s not an excuse to continue to put more crap into your body.

KISP (Keep It Simple, People) – Eating smaller, all-natural, fresh, wholesome, and less processed meals (shoot for 5 nutritious ingredients to make up a meal) will give your body a much-needed break.  Now a “meal” of (1) Cheeseburger, (1) Medium French Fries, (1) Strawberry milkshake, (1) Large diet Coke, and (1) Granny Smith Apple is not going to cut it, but congrats on attempting to slip in a little produce.  Use your holiday leftovers to make a healthy meal.  Here’s an idea, try this:

Leftover-Ham Scramble

3-4 oz. Leftover Thanksgiving Ham

1 Lg. whole egg, plus 2 egg whites

Unlimited fresh vegetables (thinly sliced red onion, spinach, mushrooms…)

1-2 tsp. olive oil

salt (watch the salt) and pepper

1 cp. fresh berries

* Heat oil in pan, beat eggs, salt, and pepper in bowl, add ham and eggs to pan and stir until completely cooked.  Add ham scramble to 1 slice of whole grain toast if desired)

LIMIT SUGAR INTAKE– sugar causes inflammation, weight gain, and rotten teeth just to name a few downfalls of white stuff. Of course, you’re SWEET enough, but if you just need a little more sweetness, aim for fresh fruit or cake, pie, and other desserts in moderation.

LIMIT ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION– Hey, we’re trying to avoid a “hangover,” not create it.  Folks, alcohol isn’t calorie-free, nor is it safe to drink and drive, but I’m sure you already know that.

MOVE IT, MOVE IT– Stay active.  Take several 30 minute strolls throughout the week.  If 30 minutes is a bit too much, shoot for three 10 minute sessions throughout the day instead.

GET 7-8 HOURS – Sleep is overrated right?  Whatever.  When we’re sleep deprived we tend to make stupid decisions at work, when driving, and even at the dinner table.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night and especially the night before any big event.  If you’re still too stubborn to shoot for 7 hours, try taking an afternoon nap if possible.

Get you’re energy from eating well, staying active, staying hydrated, and giving your body ample rest.  Your waistline will thank you later!

Healthy Journey!


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