Weekly Focus: Leftover Hangovers

By now you’ve probably mastered the cranberry-turkey-ham sandwich or your family has deemed you the Queens and Kings of Leftovers, but hey, isn’t that the super-awesome part of holiday eating.  However, after a few days of eating the same ingredients presented in 1001 ways, you’re ready for something else.  Something fresh.  Something lighter.  Something less bloat worthy.  Folks, it sounds like you need a little Spandex-sweat therapy.  We’ve got to move it, move it.  Exercise and clean eating are definitely the right antidote to holiday hangovers.  Just ask this guy……or not!

All jokes aside, ideally it should be customary to have healthier food and physical options during the holidays, but many of us would rather pay for the consequences later a.k.a. New Year resolutions.  But you know what?  It’s never too soon or too late to make a change to become healthier.  Years ago I made a deal with myself.  If I worked out during the morning of Thanksgiving and Christmas, before the big feast, I would reward myself with energy and the ability to make healthier choices throughout the day because I don’t want to feel like a slob after putting in miles at the track.  I am still true to my word to this very day.  However, if you’re lacking motivation this season, challenge yourself and train for a local 5K or find a Meetup for active people.  Taking Zumba classes are also an awesome idea if you need a little rhythm and coordination in your life.

This week’s focus is about leaving Thanksgiving’s feast binges in the past and approaching Christmas with a healthier mindset.  I believe some of us call it MODERATION.  I know, I know! Isn’t the holidays about stuffing your face and drinking eggnog like it’s going out of style?  I suppose, if you want to continue to make excuses for why you’re still carrying around those extra 15 pounds or lack energy.  My philosophy?  Why not have your cake, pie, turkey, fun-nog and eat and drink it too?  It’s possible, but in MODERATION.

Folks, don’t freak out.  No one’s taking away the good stuff.  In fact, you’re going to get more.  Just you wait!  Well, at least wait until tomorrow for the next post.  Enjoy your leftovers, but Folks, tomorrow is a new day.

Healthy Journey!


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