Lookin’ Good, Bag Lady


YESSSSSSSS, I DID IT…..Three days of running this week (Weekly Goal 1) and cleaning out my work bags (Weekly Goal 2).  Look, look, look!  This Bag Lady has lessened her load.  Finally, there’s no junk laying at the bottom of bag or bits and pieces of papers, lost notes, and loose change weighing me down.  Not only is my bag lighter, but physically and mentally I feel better.  One less thing to worry about, one less item on my “get-sh@$-done” list.  I hope you guys have made progress and accomplished your weekly goals.  If you’re still struggling, I understand, don’t give up!  Review, regroup, and try again!  You’re worth it!






(Work Bag: Less paper and magazines, smaller notebook, and only the stuff that I truly NEED.)

(Purse: No receipts or paper crushed on the bottom of my bag, change is all in one place, and a small notebook for jotting down ideas.  I just lost seven pounds of junk without having to break a sweat!!!!)


Healthy Journey


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