Article III (Spirituals): Unwind & Be Kind….to yourself!

In the words of a good friend, “You’ve got to get your spiritualS togetha’!”

When I think of nourishing the spirit, the words balance, harmony, relaxation, peace, and baking come to mind.  Years ago I discovered that I had a talent in the kitchen.  I started making my childhood favorite desserts from scratch and have not gone back to the box stuff ever since, not that the box stuff is all that bad when it comes to taste. The idea of taking different ingredients and turning them into a masterpiece brings me comfort.  Who needs yoga or meditation to relax when you’ve got a stick of butter, flour, sugar, eggs, and an apron?

Granted, I know everyday isn’t going to be peaches-n-cream, but I think everyone should have one moment each day for which they can find 5 minutes or more of “me” time.  Time to get away from the rest of the world, the kids, the hubby or wife, and even their own BS.  For some people, using yoga and meditation methods brings balance into their lives. For others, it could be taking a stroll through the park, taking a long, hot bubble bath, watching a Joel Osteen or Tony Robbins seminar via Youtube, or snuggling with your SmoochieBear (code name for your sweetie !).  Whatever suites your fancy, go for it!

YOUr Interaction:

How do you get your spiritualS togetha’?  Spend at least 10 minutes today doing something relaxing for yourself.  Don’t focus on the bills you have the pay, a low bank account, homework assignments, or anything that creates negative energy.  These are your power minutes.  Make the best of them and make these 10 minutes something that you look forward to everyday.  If you have time for more, great!  Just don’t become a lazy butt!!!

Also, take a few minutes today to look over your Wellness Constitution (Article I (Mind), Article II (Body), and now Article III (Spirit/Soul)).  Use YOUr Constitution as a guideline or reflection of the changes you want to make for a lifetime.  Remember, don’t be afraid to start too small, but don’t stay there forever.  Use smaller goals to create a foundation for more challenging ones.  Also, ask yourself the following questions:

*Did I reach my goals this week?

*Did my plans work?  You may need to simplify them or make them more challenging!

*What are you doing well?

*What can you improve?

Healthy Journey!


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