Article II (Body): Nutritious & Bootylicious

How can we create a Wellness Constitution without talking about Fitness and Food.  I think I definitely have more experience with the food part lately more so than fitness and I know I’m not the only one.  Folks, that cool.  Just make peace with those horrible habits, accept them, and focus on doing better starting now, not tomorrow.  Put down the milkshake, burger, and large fries and just walk away for a minute.  Don’t worry, you can come back to it, but not right now.  We’re going to make healthier changes one step at a time, but hold your horses.  There’s no rush.  The changes that we will make should be gradual and lifestyle changes meaning they will become a new ‘norm’ if you will.  So where do we start?  Hmmm, remember your list of  “things-you-want-to-do-but-are-too-lazy-or-chickenbutt-to do”?  Well, I’m sure there’s something Food or Fitness related up there that you could add to Article II- Body of your Wellness Constitution.  By any chance is eating out less or eating less meat on that list?  How about working out more or running a 5K?  Okay, well the only way to make sure any of that happens, we’ve got to ride out the temptation. We need healthy distractions and doable plans.  (Hey, you…put down that burger, we’ve got some work to do).


YOUr Interaction:

So you started your Article I (Mind) goal yesterday and now you’ve got to choose a Fitness and/or Food goal for Article II (Body).  Remember, these goals should be small and able to be accomplished by this Saturday.  For example, I’m aiming to drink 2 Liters of water a day by drinking a cup of water every hour I’m at work (8 hrs, 8 cups = 2 Liters) this week.  I drink out of a reusable (BPA free, thank you very much!) 20 oz. cup with two rubber bands wrapped around it to split the cup into three portions.  I try to drink down to each rubber band mark to give me visual motivation.  It’s like running to the finish line.  Well, in this case drinking.  This is a healthy and achievable start.

Keep working on your Mind, Fitness, and Food goal this week.  Come up with your own ‘Baby Steps Action Plan” for each goal.  Do not overwhelm yourself with too much and don’t worry about doing too little. Focus on building a healthy foundation and working your way up.  If I master my Mind goal, then I’m sure I’ll continue with it and be motivated to do other things as well. That’s the whole idea of the YOUr Interaction part of this blog.  Start small, live BIG!  Good Luck, Folks!

Healthy Journey!


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