MIND over Matter: Working Backwards

Maybe I’m an oddball, maybe I’m just…me!  I enjoy reading magazines starting from the back and working my way to the front.  I think recipes are just guidelines and I never stick to the original stuff and I like eating cupcakes and muffins from the bottom up.  I like working backwards. Envisioning the way I will feel and look at the end of accomplishing something definitely pushes me to work harder towards that goal.  Well, most of the time.  I like to call this forecasting.

How’s the forecast looking for you?  This week we’re working on our Wellness Constitution starting with Article I Mind (nourishing the brain).  Now that you’ve written your Mind goal, what’s your action plan?

Now, my Mind goal is to push through the mental block that prevents me from drinking more water.  I have vowed to drink 2 liters of water everyday this week.  My action plan? Drink one cup of water every hour when I’m at work (8 hrs).  I’ve broken my goal into smaller goals.  Simple, but still challenging.  I usually punk out of drinking more water because I suffer from something called laziness and rebelliousness.  Rebelling against what?  The Water Fairies who want to get in my belly to make me stronger, think clearer, and stay hydrated.  I wish I knew why this is such a struggle, but mentally the idea of drinking water shuts me down.  However, after this week, water and I will become BFF.  I see clear skin and feel awesome energy, and lots of tinkle time in the forecast this week!

YOUr Interaction:

Find a picture, object, quote, song, or something that you can display in an area that you frequent on the regular. If that happens to come from some crazy App on your IPhone, then go for it.  For me, I chose a cool mug that sits on the corner of my tiny desk as a reminder to get up off my money-maka’ and pour some liquid love inside and drink up.  For your goal, use your focus object as a source of motivation and keep pushing through the negative thoughts and other B-dookey that threatens your progress.  Perfection is not the focus here.  Small steps are all accepted here and very effective.  Have fun, be creative, and stay focused.  

Healthy Journey!


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