First Blog-aversy: Training My Dragon

I miss reading!  I miss the feeling of mentally escaping to another time period and having dinner with Mr. Darcy and Voltaire or fishing with Huckleberry Finn along the Mississippi River.  Just leaving the weight of the world in the hands of 2012.  So how does one properly teleport through literature?  You pack an awesome book and goodies, pick a destination, book a ticket at your nearest train station, and leave everything behind (Oh, yeah, make sure the dogs, hubbies, and wifies are well fed before departing.).  ALL ABOARD!!!!!

Folks, that’s exactly what I did last weekend.  I boarded the train to catch up on some reading and to meet up with a good friend to celebrate YourTruthDiet’s one-year anniversary.  It was a short trip, but well worth it.  When you need a little spice in your life, the best thing you can do is to get away from the mundane.  When you’re walking/running route loses its adventurous spark, take a different route.  When you’re waiting for the pedestrian light to grant you permission to cross the street, dance while you wait.  When you’re tired of counting calories, fat, and carbs, count sheep instead.  Adequate sleep is the most underrated beauty and health tip ever.  Not only does your body benefit from getting enough zzzzs, but so does your brain.

You know sometimes that dragon better known as ‘the brain’ can take you on a wild ride when times are tough, but what it’s maybe trying to tell you in the same way that my cat tells me with a harsh bite to the ankle is it’s time to sit down, shut up, and let me sit on your lap.  Do something relaxing that tames your inner dragon and gives you strength to go into any battle with confidence.  Each year when Fall punches Summer square in face, we begin to mentally and emotionally collapse along with it, but that is when you take life by the horns and make it your (-INSERT POTTY MOUTH HERE)….


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YourTruthDiet!!!!

Healthy Journey!


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