Small Victories

One small victory for some random man, one major “Oh-My-God-She-Did-It” for lil ol me.  Folks, I managed to go to the grocery store tonight and leave the junk food behind.  For a sugar addict, this is one for the papers, Folks!  Well, here’s what really happened….

My first stop is always the health food section.  After scouring the gluten-free, all natural, and no GMO goodies, I went over to the bakery and saw some delicious, decadent, and beautiful slices of cake for $1.49.  Hmmmmm, that’s pretty cheap considering how awesome those slices looked, but honestly, I didn’t have an appetite for any of it.  Yes, I did throw one package into my hand cart and walked around a little, but soon came to the reality that I just didn’t want it.  What would be the point of trying to force myself to eat it?  Because it looked good and was cheap?  That’s like buying ice cream that you wouldn’t normally give a rat’s butt about just because it’s Buy 1, Get 1 Free.  It’s a trap, People.  Unless you’re having a party or will end up sharing it with other people, you’re kind of setting yourself up for failure if you’re doing that diet thang. Especially if you’re a sugar addict like myself.

My regular visits usually entail grabbing something sweet out of habit.  Hey, it’s what I do.  However, this time, instead of accepting this as the norm, I quickly refused.  I didn’t give myself much time to negotiate.  I stood up to myself and said, “Self…not tonight.  What’s going to happen if you put the cake back on the shelf and walk away?”  Nothing.  Absolutely, nothing will happen, except I will have more money in my pocket and less chub.  Instead I grabbed a bag of vegetable chips that I’ve been dying to try as a substitute and it was one of the best decisions I made today in addition to making homemade pizza crust that takes 18 hours to rise!

So that’s the main obstacle when I’m cruising the perimeter and aisle of the grocery store, but then there’s the impulse buys at the register.  You know? The small packages of chips, candy bars, and power drinks.  The quick, cheap pick ups that practically sprout little feet and jump into your cart before you’ve had time to think.  In snack mode, I would grab one of those Skinny Cow low-calorie bars and maybe a few other things.  Oh, trust me, I almost gave in.  Tonight, I actually threw a package of pretzel M&Ms in my cart, but then that little voice came back and said, “I wonder what will happen if you didn’t buy any of this crap tonight.  Can we give it a rest for just one night?”  I took my own advice for once and put the junk back where it belonged.  The walk from the store’s Exit to my car felt freaking amazing.  I felt like I’d won the 7th grade Spelling Bee.  Forget Cloud 9, I was walking on Cloud Infinity.

If felt pretty damn amazing to know that I was making progress and I defeated the junk-demons tonight, but this is just the beginning.  I don’t want to divorce sugar, I just want to love it in a healthy way.  Gotta love an oxymoron.

You may ask, what do you attribute to your success?  One, I took a nap before going, two, I had a plan, and three, my day at work was much better because I’m looking forward to a positive future, but making the best of what I have at the moment.  Overall, I focused on peace, instead of war.  Sometimes it’s better to do nothing at all until you know you’re next move.


Healthy Journey!


3 thoughts on “Small Victories

  1. YAY!! I love those small victories. And it is so hard to fight those impulses in your mind too. I am a huge baker and I always had the habit of licking the bowl. Always. Always. Always. And then one day I was just like… I could save myself at least 100 calories by not eating left over batter… and my brain got all cloudy like it was straining a muscle by resisting the batter. It was just so engrained in my mind. But since that day, it has definitely gotten a lot easier to resist. So those small victories definitely add up!

    • I opened a small baking business out of my home called BatterBaby because I loved and still love to lick the batter out of the bowl, off the beaters, and whatever else. I’ve gotten a lot better and try to keep something healthy around to snack on when I’m baking. I also add soapy water to the bowl as soon as I’m done using the batter. It’s helped a lot. Glad to see I’m not alone…:)

      • Hahaha! I bake for other people too out of my home! I haven’t done it as often since I started losing weight. But I definitely wash everything ASAP to keep from licking things. Those calories quickly add up!

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