I’ve started a water challenge to drink at least 2 liters of water a day for an entire week, which is also one of the goals on my bucket list.  Sounds simple right?  Whatever.

Normally, I carry a 20 oz. water cup around with me all day in hopes that I’ll chug more of the good stuff, but at a certain point during the day, my body fights back.  It says, “You’re not thirsty, just hungry.  Here, have more cake.”  A big no-no considering that quite the opposite is happening.  I’m pretty sure that the headaches and sudden feeling of fatigue is due to not drinking enough water.

So here we go again.  Tomorrow, I start the water challenge over again.  I kick this crap into high gear and run that rebellious, anti-hydration voice into the damn ground.  PEOPLE, TOMORROW I WILL DRINK 64 oz. of clear, flavorless, awesomeness if it’s the last thing I do.  Even if it means that I have to drink the last 20 oz. five minutes before my bedtime and spend the rest of the night running back and forth to the loo for a tinkle.


I want to change the subject a bit.

There’s quite a bit going on in my life these days and I’m just now catching up to the reality.

Tomorrow morning I hit

the pavement and run 3.1 in memory of a good friend whose life ended way too soon.  It will be

a very emotional run, but I will also donate money to a local women’s support group geared towards ending domestic violence.


Tomorrow is also my final weigh-in for Phase I of my GetFitB4Thirty Challenge.  I can already tell you that the scale and I have been giving each other evil eyes throughout the entire week.  Whatever the scale says tomorrow will be what it’ll be.  All I can do is love and cherish this body no matter what number the scale spits out at me.  Hey, that’s what Phase II is for.  To filter out all of the BS from Phase I.  It kind of sucks that it takes a cute little motivation pic from Pinterest to get me off my lazy ass.  Oh, well!  It worked!!!

Healthy Journey!



    • Lol. That is horrible. I just love that movie. I couldn’t get that line “Get in my belleeey!” out of my head when I kept trying to force myself to drink more water. Ahhhh, the crazy things that go through my head…..Healthy Journey!

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