THE END of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Remembering a Friend

Monday, September 10, my beautiful friend left this earth leaving behind three amazing children.  She lost her life after being shot several times in front of her workplace by her estranged ex-husband.  Shortly after this horrific crime, he took his own life.  It has taken me several days to process all of this, but last night I finally broke down and I am having a hard time putting everything into perspective.  I guess I am still in shock and for me that usually means days of sugar binges and hiding out.  I wish I would have spent more time getting to know her and although we only worked together for a few months, it didn’t take long for me to realize what a great person she was.  She had dreams to start her own consulting business.  We talked about vegan food and joked about shitty customers.  We bonded.  I never knew she was a victim of domestic violence and in hiding from her ex-husband.    I keep thinking that those beautiful children no longer have a mother or father and did not have an opportunity to say good-bye.

When I started YourTruthDiet back in October of last year, I did so with many things in mind.  I didn’t want to focus only on exercise and eating well, but also on maintaining mental and social balance.  Having a strong support system and finding a positive path is just as important as having buns of steel.  I strongly believe that when you are living in a toxic environment, whether with an abusive partner or literally living in a toxic environment that is damaging to your health, it affects every aspect of your life.  I want my followers and viewers to view having a healthy life as more than looking good on the outside, but having peace within.  Domestic violence affects woman, men, and children.  Sometimes we have to be the voice for someone else who may not have the strength to speak out.  It’s hard, but necessary.

Next Saturday I will be running the Women’s 5K at the 19th Annual Women’s Distance Festival in honor of my late friend, Kathy.  I encourage you all to visit the following site, make donations if possible, or volunteer at a local women’s shelter in your community.  Thank you for your support!

Healthy Journey!



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