ERRANDcising-Killing those birds with one stone!

This morning, I came to the conclusion that I was tired of being in this exercise rut so I put on my spandex, loaded my backpack, fueled and laced up, and then shipped out.  People, I haven’t given a rat’s butt about working out for weeks now.  I do it, but I’ve been so bored with my normal routine and have completed the 30 Day-Shred DVD more times than I care to say.  Maybe I need a cutie patootie to fire me up, I mean give me some pointers (just kidding…)!  My plans?  Run to the cleaners to pick up my dress and run back to my house.

My knee is still giving me problems so I was a little afraid to run this morning, but once I started, I couldn’t stop.  Within minutes I found myself looking at the cleaner’s cashier with a, “WTF” look on my face when I got the bill.   “Do you take debit?  Awesome.”  Now back to my run.  Up, up, and away I went.  Crossing the streets, dodging puddles, and eyeing a landscapers on the way.

I must admit that I thought the idea of running down the street wearing a sweaty t-shirt, spandex pants, and a backpack with a very festive sequin dress attached to my shoulders like a cape might seem a bit odd, but oh, hell.  When Superwoman Fever hits you just go for it.  Most of the onlookers were actually pretty cool.  I think they admired the idea more than anything.

The run was great, my knee didn’t break into two, and I took care of a few errands.  I wonder how many more birds I could kill with one stone.

Healthy Journey!


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