The Golden Weeks

The countdown has officially begun.   Phase I of my slow-as-hell weight loss is almost over and I’ve been partially dragging my feet and recovering from a knee injury.  I’ve built muscle and lost a few pounds since starting last October, but if I’m going to reach my 155 pound goal by the end of this summer (in exactly 2 weeks) then I’ve got to stop playing around.  Last night I made up my mind to ditch the sugar and super-processed food for the next two weeks, which means I’ll be throwing down in the kitchen and showing up at the farmer’s market regularly.  I also have to get back into the habit of planning my meals, drinking more water, and breaking a sweat.  Sounds easy right?  Yeah, well it is until my brain starts telling me it’s okay to have this and a little of that.  You know how it goes.

So here’s the breakdown (desired weights):

  Phase I– 155 pounds by end of Summer 2012

  Phase II– 150 pounds by Halloween (Hot for Halloween)

  Phase III– maintain weight, tone up before May 27 (Fit Before 30)

 (Check out this Halloween Hottie!!!)


By the way, I’ve been going through everyone’s blogs and loving all of your amazing ideas for dealing with weight loss and maintaining a healthy attitude.  There seems to be  a lot of challenges out there and I’ve taken part in some them.

I want to thank to LK (Trying Not to Be Fat) and her husband for the awesome graphic below.  The Salad Challenge was right on time for me since I’m trying to increase my veggie consumption.


I also want to send out a quick Sexy Day Challenge reminder.  For the newbies, this basically means that you challenge yourself to get outside of your comfort zone for at least one hour, one day out of each month.  This could be that you wear bright red lipstick to the grocery store, wear a bright-colored shirt instead of your normal black, wear dangling earrings, get that tattoo you’ve always been scared to go for, or wear a siren red mini dress to dinner with friends.  You can take this as far as you would like, just keep it legal, fun, and write about it.  The idea of this challenge is for you to feel confident, powerful, and super sexy.



Healthy Journey!





2 thoughts on “The Golden Weeks

  1. Getting in more vegetables is what everyone should do. People seem to associate thin bodies with health. That is not always the case. It is scary how so many people try to lose weight by just reducing calories, and still don’t eat natural food. I have eaten pretty healthy in the past, but it was an eye opener to start juicing my fruits and veggies. Not only does it taste good, but I can get in tons of micronutrition, vitamins, and minerals in one drink that would take forever to eat. We all know fruits and veggies are good for us, but not many of us eat them.

    • I love juicing. At first I was doing it everyday for about a month, but now I do it once or twice. I still prefer to eat solid veggies, but juicing is like liquid crack. Lol. I think it’s better than the Red Bull stuff on the market.

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