Calendar Girl!

(I just absolutely love the pin-up girls from 1950s.  Now THAT’s a WO-MAN!!!!!)

How do you keep track of your success?  Do you have a food and/or fitness journal?  What’s YOUR motivation?  Well here’s my secret weapon.  An uber-simple fitness calendar.  Sure it looks complicated, but there is a method to the madness.  Some stickers represent cardio, strength, or something fun like Zuuuuuuuuuuuuba!  I also track my eating by using an earth, check mark, or thumbs up sticker.  The gold stars indicate that I’ve had one cookie or something small and manageable.  The red stars? Well they show that things have gotten out of hand (check out the fourth row, second column…oh, boy).

And no, those aren’t stripper dollars in the upper left hand corner, but my Happy Points from Self magazine’s Drop10: Happy Plate challenge.  I needed something I could relate to.  Some people say that it helps them to relate to calories in the same sense that they relate to money.  I get 1400 calories/dollars a week to spend on whatever I want (ice cream, cake, cookies).  That breaks down to 200 calories/dollars a day and I can roll over up to 800 calories for a special occasion such as a party or “munchies” day.  I carry these bills with me in my purse and spend them just like real money.  Each dollar represents 100 calories.

You do realize that those dollars are fake right?  Could you imagine me trying to spend those bad boys at the grocery store?

Have fun with your weight loss plans and change it up to keep things exciting and moving.


These are some cool stickers that I found at the local dollar store.  For three bucks, I’ve maximized my weight loss plan by being creative and holding myself accountable this way.  You don’t have to do the exact thing, but don’t be afraid to create a little visual aid.  If nothing else, its kind of cool to feel like a kid again with all of these little sticky awards.

Healthy Journey!




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