Snack of the Week: Fast Food Style



Fruit & Maple Oatmeal with Brown Sugar

(order without the sugar and save yourself 30 calories)



My two cents:

Yesterday, I was out and about and not prepared when I realized that I should probably eat something.  I was planning to go grocery shopping after leaving the bookstore and didn’t want to go there on an empty stomach because we all know that’s a dangerous move.  So I headed next door to McDonald’s to pick-up something, not fried and somewhat unrecognizable in terms of ingredients, but doable.  I chose this oatmeal without the brown sugar.  Although this isn’t the best food choice out there, it’s a lot better than eating a Yoplait yogurt with 27g or more of sugar.

Mark Bittman, the Eat This, Not That guy, is opposed to this oatmeal.  He believes you should make your own oatmeal so that you know what’s in it.  I couldn’t agree with him more, but in defense of those who are taking baby steps towards their goals and may find themselves in my situation, I would rather you make this once in a while offense as opposed to filling up on something else off of the menu.  Of course this oatmeal is going to have a noticeable amount of sugar due to the fruit, but you can get just as much sugar from eating the fancy yogurts and granola bars.

I’m not going to completely condemn fast food chains, although they should be the last resort in times of hunger.  You have to make choices based on what is right for you and your lifestyle.  Don’t eat this oatmeal or any other fast food items more than once or twice a week and choose carefully.  Instead of getting a Big Mac combo, opt for a Kid’s meal and ask for a cool toy.  And yes, play with the toy!  I also chose this particular oatmeal due to its “simplicity” (has more than 15 ingredients).  There are other flavor options on the menu such as Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal, but I was not pleased with the taste and found it to be too sweet and artificial.  More so than the Fruit and Maple.

As far as the oatmeal goes.  I love the flavor and the chunky fruit, but it has little protein.  However, remember, I only eat this as a means to hold me over until I can find something better and healthier.  Next time, I will be prepared for a Snack Attack!


Check out the chart below if you’re a calorie-counting fast food junky:

Healthy Snacking!


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